Our Services

Consultancy, Estimates, Project Management, System Design & Installation

Call on us anytime for free advice & quotations. All our technicians are qualified and have extensive experience in the installation of copper and fibre cable infrastructures.

Moves Adds & Changes (MAC) to existing network cable infrastructures

In today’s competitive business environment companies are constantly reconfiguring their office space to improve performance and out put of the equipment & staff. We can work with any existing infrastructure to completely fulfill your requirements.

Certification & Documentation

We are able to Verify & Certify the performance of your network cable infrastructure up to category 6A using the Fluke DXT 1800 cable analyzer. Accurate documentation and results are printed and presented to the client at the completion of a certified install.

Custom Patching & Tidy Jobs

Fed up with the state of your telecoms, distribution racks or cabinets? Call us in and we will document & re-patch all network connections to your specification. We can also offer custom patch jobs, measuring and re- terminating all patch cords to the exact required lengths, for those sites where neatness and organization is crucial.

Trouble shooting / Fault Finding

We have all the test & fault finding equipment available to troubleshoot any problem occurring with in your network cable infrastructure.

Installation of Wireless Access Points & Antennas

Call on us to mount any wireless antennas or access points and to provide any wiring (POE, Ethernet or Mains supply) required.

Installation of Cable Containment, Conduit, Trunking and Cable Tray Systems

Trunking is a way of life in Gibraltar and we have extensive experience installing a wide variety of solutions available on the market today to suite all environments. We also Install a wide variety of wire basket tray solutions for underfloor, overhead and Data Center applications.

Data Center Design & Distribution Management Design

A carefully designed and built Data Center is Vital to ensure that any future requirements can be accommodated. We will place emphasizes on distribution management to allow for maximum density and expansion.

Implementation / Support:

Our team carefully plans each installation to ensure minimal disruption to your daily business operations.

All installation practices and safety considerations are in accordance with ISO 11801 2nd edition.

We test all connections before completion of any project and provide documentation on all Certified Installations